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In 1837 local farmer William Kendall was so badly behaved that he managed to get himself banned from all the pubs in the Gorran area! However, to solve his predicament and to quench his daily thirst Mr Kendall decided to build his very own pub: "The Barley Sheaf at Gorran"

We welcome families and dogs through out. For us, it's about doing everything to the best of our ability - sending out the best food; pouring the finest drinks; making people feel at home - ultimately sending you away happy. With our seasonal menu you know that the ingredients are fresh and well chosen. Our menu changes regularly and it takes a great deal of knowledge, experience and focus to deliver.


Our menus always aim to celebrate the best of the seasons … To represent the South West in all its wonderful produce. Wherever our raw materials come from we make sure they are fresh and well chosen.

kiddleywink (old Cornish name for bar)

Part of this pubs appeal is that it is the centre of the village. Inside you'll often find the local and regular dog walkers enjoying a drink. There is comfortable seating around a warm glowing fire so you can warm yourselves on a cold day.

Alternatively, you can phone us on 01726 843330.